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 +==== Paypal integration in Payout add-on ====
 +PayPal as payout method integrated in 2 ways
 +  * using MassPay API
 +    * Mass Payments can be made from any PayPal sending country and can be sent to any PayPal receiving country, in PayPal supported currencies
 +    * Premier or Business PayPal account must be white listed for the MassPay API before you can make MassPay calls in the live environment
 +    * [[https://​​webapps/​developer/​docs/​classic/​mass-pay/​gs_MassPay/​]]
 +    * [[https://​​webapps/​developer/​docs/​classic/​products/​mass-pay/​]]
 +  * using Adaptive Payments API
 +    * The Adaptive Payments API is available in any country where PayPal is accepted
 +    * [[https://​​webapps/​developer/​docs/​classic/​adaptive-payments/​gs_AdaptivePayments/​]]
 +    * [[https://​​webapps/​developer/​docs/​classic/​products/​adaptive-payments/​]]
 +    ​
 +Enter Paypal API details in //​**Configuration > Drop Shipping > Payout Paypal Options**//​. It's used in both Mass Pay and Adaptive payments APIs.
 +To enable vendor receive paypal payouts set //**vendor edit > preferences > payout > Payout Method**// either ''​Paypal''​ or ''​Paypal Adaptive''​ and enter vendor paypal account email in //**vendor edit > preferences > payout > Paypal Email**//
 +==== Paypal Adaptive as magento payment method ====
 +Paypal Adaptive payments also integrated as magento payment method. This integration use chained payments model [[https://​​webstatic/​en_US/​developer/​docs/​pdf/​pp_dev_Datasheet_APC_R3.pdf]]
 +To enable payment method go to //​**Configuration > Payment Methods > Paypal**// Find there **Adaptive Payments** section click **Configure** button, setup API credentials,​ Application ID and other optional parameter. Then Select **Yes** in **Enable this Solution**
 +Test mode does not require you to enter Application ID but when you go live you need to obtaine one [[https://​​webapps/​developer/​docs/​classic/​lifecycle/​goingLive/#​credentials]]
 +To enable vendor accept chained payments set //**vendor edit > preferences > payout > Payout Method**// = ''​Paypal Adaptive''​
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