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 +====== Vendor Ratings add-on======
 +===== Ratings Setup =====
 +Ratings (titles and select types) are created in **//Sales > dropship > Reviews and Ratings > Manage Ratings//** \\
 +Ratings are devided by types, //Is Aggregatable = Yes// and //Is Aggregatable = No//. Aggregatable ratings provides customer with an option to rate using scale from 1 to 5. It will be further used for calculations of vendor stars (combined rating) and then be visible on vendor'​s landing page. \\
 +Vendors can be reviewed by shipments only. In order to rate the vendor customer needs to first place an order. Once the shipment reaches the status set in **//​Configuration > Drop Shipping > Vendor Rating Options > Allow customer review on the following statuses//​**,​ customer can rate shipment.\\
 +Administrator will have to approve new reviews in **//Sales > dropship > Reviews and Ratings > Pending Reviews//​**,​ otherwise they won't be counted in vendor total ratings calculations and won't be visible in reviews list on the frontend.
 +===== Customer area =====
 +In customer area there are 2 links:
 +  * **My Vendor Pending Reviews** - will list shipments applicable to review
 +  * **My Vendor Reviews** - will list already reviewed shipments
 +===== Customer notifications =====
 +Automatic customer email notification for shipment review can be configured in \\ **//​Configuration > Drop Shipping > Vendor Rating Options > Delay in days to send "Email notification / Follow up emails"//​**.\\
 +Setup delays for days on which to send "Email notification / Follow up emails"​ to motivate customers to review vendor shipments. \\
 +Separate multiple days with comma ","​. This will allow email notification and follow up emails to be send on random days.
 +===== Explicitly turn on vendor to allow review =====
 +Set Yes to allow vendor to be rated in
 +**//Vendor edit > Vendor info > Allow customers review/rate vendor = Yes//**
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