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Configure uStoreLocator

You can find main uStoreLocator configuration in System > Configuration, under the General section. Bellow is brief explanation of available options.

Custom Map URL

here you can change default map location from ustorelocator/location/map to whatever you want. For example 'locations.html'

Simple API key

API key provided by google, it is generally used to be optional, but now Google requires to use one. It allows to track visits and other stats from your google console.

Page Title

A string that will be used as page title

Search radius options

here you can provide a list of numbers separated by comma that will be presented to the user as a dropdown list of search radius's to choose from.

Show Map on Page Load

if set to 'No', map will not display

Scale location icons

if set to 'Yes' custom icons used will be scaled proportionally to default Google icons size.

Use geo location address

enable to use geo location address to show to user.

Default Location Address

A dropdown list with all available locations to choose from. Location selected here will be scrolled to after map is loaded.

Minimal map zoom

minimum allowed zoom for map after map location is moved or its projection resized, useful when user clicks on location not to be brought too close to the ground. This way location can get better context with surrounding area.

Results Sorted By

Determines how search results are sorted. It can be either by name (Alphabetically) or by distance from search location

Default Sort Direction

Determines ascending or descending order of sorting setting from above.

Default Search Radius

if set and matching one of values in Search radius options, that value will be preselected in radius drop down on frontend

Distance Units (mi or km)

show distances in miles or kilometers

Default Country

if set only stores from that country will be shown on map initially. It does not affect search results.

No result coordinates

when there are no coordinates passed to Google, it defaults the map in the middle of the ocean, you can override this location coordinates here.

Number of Results to Show

maximum number of results to show.

Import locations

here you can upload a csv file with location data for quick import.

Overwrite existing locations on import?

If set to 'No', import will add imported to existing records otherwise all records will be deleted and only imported will remain.

Export Locations

quickly export all locations in CSV data format. Best viewed with OpenOffice Calc


layout template to use on map page, works the same way as it works in CMS pages

storelocator/main-config.txt · by jamby77