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uDropShip Customizations

Adding a vendor field

See example of initial vendor fields configuration in: app/code/community/Unirgy/Dropship/etc/config.xml

Create a new config file or use your custom module's config.xml

For a standalone customization, can use app/etc/modules/z_custom_fields.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- If you want to create a new field group, use fieldset (optional): -->
                        <legend>My Fieldset</legend>
<!-- Text field, named 'my_text_field' -->
<!-- text label for the field, will be shown to admin and vendor -->
                        <label>New Order Carbon Copy Emails</label>
<!-- Fieldset to show the field in, see udropship config.xml for default ones -->
<!-- Position within the fieldset --> 
<!-- Default value for the field --> 
                        <default><![CDATA[Default text]]></default> 
<!-- <note> is optional, use for comments on the field for admin and vendor -->
                        <note>Comma separated</note>
<!-- Dropdown field -->
                        <label>3rd Party Country</label>
                        <label>My Yes/No Dropdown Field</label>
<!-- Source for the 'switch' within the class file --> 
<!-- Default value for the field --> 
  • Field Notes:
    • Fields will be taken automatically from vendor object and serialized into db vendor metafield.
    • If you want to save them in a separate field table, create field with this name in udropship_vendor.
    • It is prudent to use a prefix for field names to avoid conflict with existing fields
  • Possible field types:
    • text (default)
    • password
    • textarea
    • select
    • multiselect
    • image
    • date
    • datetime
  • If no <source_model> is specified, app/code/community/Unirgy/Dropship/Model/Source.php class will be used.
    • You can create your own combined dropdown source classes by extending this class and overriding toOptionHash() method.
udropship/customization.txt · by unirgy