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uDropShip New Features

Major Enhancements

Special "* Any available" udropship shipping method code

Now you can create wrappers around system shipping method. It's very useful to support carriers that don't provide proper implementation of getAllowedMethods. In general udropship shipping methods are defined by mapping to system carrier methods. The list of system carrier methods is taken from getAllowedMethods method of carrier model. So it's very important for carrier to return exactly the same list that will be used to produce shipping rates during checkout. Udropship look at the rates that system carrier return and search for proper match with udropship method. Once the match found the system method used to create udropship rate. In that scenario site owner is limited to have one to one mapping between system shipping method and udropship shipping method. “* Any available” is listed in “Sales > Dropship > Shipping Methods > Edit > Associated System Methods tab > <system carrier methods list>” as special entry. By selecting it you instruct udropship to produce on checkout all available system carrier methods bypassing limitation to have only one from the list. And from other side you can use carriers that don't properly produce system methods list via getAllowedMethods method of carrier model. Of course that new feature limit you to select only one carrier with “* Any available” selected.

Dropship Rates Calculation Type

We presenting new product attribute “Dropship Rates Calculation Type” with such values: Vendor Package (default), Row Separate Rate, Item Separate Rate. Now you can split rates calculation within vendor package during checkout. By default udropship combine all vendor products in cart into one request and pass to system carrier for calculation. There are some cases when it's not enough: you want separate rate per product or per qty of same product (cart row), or want to apply fixed handling per product/row. By selecting “Row Separate Rate” or “Item Separate Rate” value of the product attribute you extract such product from default vendor rate calculation and issue separate request. Every product in cart with non-default value of the attribute will have separate rate request, the other products left in cart with default value will be used for general rate request. In result udropship will produce the rate that combine that separate rates so you get more presize shipping estimate.

Rates Fallback Chain

Sales > Dropship > Vendors > edit > Vendor Info > Use Rates Fallback Chain = Yes That new vendor option gives ability to prepare fallback chain for rates calculation. By now it's limited to 3 carriers max: Estimate Carrier, Override Carrier, Default Carrier. Estimate Carrier - the one you select in respective column of vendor Shipping Methods tab grid. Override Carrier - the same as previous with according column. Default Carrier - the one you select as vendor Prefered Carrier. The order of fallback chain is the same as listed here. Once system carrier does not return rate for system method that udropship expect it looks for method of next carrier in fallback chain.

Advanced vendor handling fee configuration

You need special handling to be applied for vendor rate when qty of products or total weight exceed some value, or have conditional handling depending on total cost/price. Now we have new option for this in “vendor preferences > Integration” section: select “Handling Fee” = “Advanced Custom Rules”, choose “Advanced Handling Rule” and fill in “Advanced Handling Config” tier conditions. By now rules are limited to Total Price, Total Cost, Total Qty, Lines Number, Total Weight.

<frontend_model>, <depend_fields> in vendor preferences config

You can extend udropship vendor preferences set in more customizable way by creating your own presentation for new fields. Buildin “udropship/adminhtml_vendor_helper_form_dependSelect” frontend model with relative <depend_fields> configuration gives you ability to create dependency between you custom preferences.

Global configuration to disable/delete products for inactive/deleted vendors

Got tired to manually modify availability of products for inactive/deleted vendors? Use new global options in “Configuration > Drop Shipping > Customer Options”: “Action on enable/disable vendor”, “Action on delete vendor” to automate that tedious process.

Compatibility with magento Community Edition 1.6, Enterprise Edition 1.11

New global options (Configuration > Drop Shipping)

  • Extended “Vendor Options > Automatically complete vendor shipment” to support “Any trackings” value. It's for the cases when vendor use only subset of generated labels hence futher poll tracking won't complete shipments due to orphaned trackings. Selecting that new value allow complete shipment when at least one track picked up.
  • “Customer Options > Repeat Poll Tracking” - want to finetune poll tracking scheduler, enter your hours period between poll tracking routine (use fractional value to input minutes).
  • Added new section “Error Notifications Options” with according error processing logic to keep you in touch with what happening when system poll trackings.
  • You could only guess what are vendor rates for orders that not yet split to POs. Now “Administrator Options > Show vendor rates in “Shipping & Handling Information” box of order view page”=yes will show details of vendor rates on order view page.

Modifications and Fixes

  • vendor_sku revamp and fixes. Now there are separate fields in po_item table: vendor_sku, vendor_simple_sku (for configurables). We no longer rely on purchased product to exist after order placed.
  • we added separate <udropship_email_po_items> layout handle for new vendor order notification email template. If you customized previous template via Transactional Emails you might consider sync it with our changes. The first usage for that change - is ability to include gift messages in notification emails.
  • Added better hook to apply vendors to quote items when add product to cart
  • Added check if status actually changed in udropship_helper::completeShipment method
  • Show gift messages in vendor notification emails
  • Changed “Limit to zipcodes” vendor preference. Now expect rules to be separated by new line, comma or semicolon. And does not clear whitespace inside rules to be compatible with UK zipcodes that contain spaces.
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