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uMarketplace Vendors Reports Add-on


The Vendors report add-on will help generate totals aggregated (daily, monthly, yearly) reports for Shipments (bare uMarketplace) and Purchase Orders (with Advanced PO add-on). This reports are very similar to ones in Admin > Reports > Sales
Totals data represent approximately the same information as vendor statements and payouts, i.e. it uses statements configuration to calculate total payout. The reports can be accessed from Admin > Reports > Dropship Totals


Before inital use, Shipments and Purchase Orders totals data for existing records will have to be recalculated, as well as reports statistics refreshed.
Oncenc this task is performed calculations will become automatic for new Shipments and Purchase Orders.

Reports Details

Total reports have configuration options to control what information to display:

  1. Date Used: control how to group presented data
    • Order Created Date - by order date
    • Shipment Created Date by the date when shipment was generated (when order became visible to the vendor)
    • Statement Ready Date - by the date when shipment reach statement ready status, i.e. ready to be payout to vendor
  2. Period: how to aggregate report data
    • Day - daily totals
    • Month - monthly totals
    • Year - yearly totals
  3. From/To: filter report by start/end dates
  4. Vendors: show all or specific vendor totals
  5. Empty Rows: whether or not show day/month/year rows that don't have date (no shipments for that day/month/year)
  6. Shipment Status: show only report for shipments with specific status

Vendor can also see these reports in vendor portal.

udropship/umarketplace/m2/vendor-report.txt · by renata