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 +====== uMarketplace Vendor Ship-To Location Limit Add-on======
 +===== Configuration =====
 +This add-on allows you to configure shipping limitations that match vendor requirements.\\
 +You as admin will define customer zones (customer shipclass). And then vendor himself or site admin configure which locations vendor can ship to. 
 +===== Customer Shipclass =====
 +Zones (Customer Shipclasses) could contain multiple countries, states and zipcode limitations.
 +Here are some of possible postcode rules:
 +Each rule should be separated with new line, comma or semicolon.
 +Possible rules:
 +1) Simple glob expression
 +     SK6????
 +     SK6+
 +     SK6 12*
 +2) Range
 +     90000-91000
 +3) Exact value
 +     90210
 +===== Filter Products on Frontend =====
 +This module also present ability to filter products on frontend based on customer location.
 +On first visit customer will be presented with popup that ask his location (country/state/postcode).
 +After customer fill address info all products on the website will be filter for his location,
 +i.e. he will see only products that could be shipped to his location (vendor shipclass limit).
 +This functionality is optional and you can turn it off in
 +//** Configuration > Drop Shipping > Customer Options > Enable Products Filter By Vendor Ship-To Location Limit **//
 +It's also possible that customer location popup doesn't match your website's theme.
 +In that case you need to modify html/css of this popup.
 +For that copy template file from
 +to you custom theme 
 +app\design\frontend\<your design package>\<your theme>\template\udsclimit\popup.phtml
 +and modify it's html/css.
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