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Importing locations

Locations data can be imported to magento using csv files. Import is done by uploading a file in main configuration (13).

File format has to be similar to example bellow. Most compatible and comfortable way for editing CSV files is using OpenOffice Calc application.

"1 Clermont Supercenter Store #5299 ","550 Us Highway 27, Clermont, FL 34714","28,3544277","-81,6765845","Clermont 
Supercenter Store #5299",,"","(352) 536-2750","wholesale",,"US",1,"/storelocator/locations/icons/toys.png",0,1,10
"Clermont Supercenter Store #2695","1450 Johns Lake Rd, Clermont, FL 34711","28,531204","-81,732663","Clermont 
Supercenter Store #2695",,"","(352) 243-6151","wholesale,electronics",,"US",1,"/storelocator/locations/icons/uicon.png",0,0,15
"12 Lakeland Supercenter Store #1245 ","5800 Us Highway 98 N,Lakeland, FL 33809","28,118823","-81,97638","12 Lakeland 
Supercenter Store #1245 ",,"","(863) 859-3626","wholesale,toys",,,1,"/storelocator/locations/icons/Koala-500w.png",0,1,18


When importing locations which have 0 for coordinates, an attempt will be made to fill in these coordinates from Google. There is however a limit of about 20 geo location lookups per second from same origin (exact number is not stated). This means that bigger files with empty location coordinates will start to fail to fetch them from Google at some point. Solution is to split imported data on smaller files and import intervals. We work on solution about this, but it will involve some delay between requests, and this will too delay import process, but at least it will be in one go.


To export locations go to System > Configuration > Store Locations , open General settings if they are not open and click “Export Locations” button.

storelocator/import.txt · by jamby77