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Data Validation

Products Import


Field Name Comments
sku SKU Always required
product.attribute_set Attribute Set Required for new products
product.type Product Type Required for new products
const.value Ignore Value Use to ignore specific columns data, use “alias” field for the column title
category.path Category Path(s) use URL path of categories to associate products


Message Description
Empty SKU
Duplicate SKU
Empty or invalid product type of a new product
Empty or invalid attribute set for a new product
Missing required value for '[attribute]'
Invalid option '[option]'
Invalid int value
Invalid decimal value
Invalid datetime value


Message Description
Column is out of boundaries, ignored
Unknown option '[option]' for product '[sku]' attribute '[attribute]'
Will not change product type for an existing product
Will not change attribute set for an existing product
The attribute '[attribute]' does not apply to product type '[type]', and will not be imported
The attribute '[attribute]' does not apply to attribute set '[attribute_set]', and will not be imported
The attribute '[attribute]' is not used, as it is a dynamic value in this product, and will not be imported
If the attribute '[attribute]' will not used in configurable subproducts, this value might be missing
Created a new option '[option]' for attribute '[attribute]'
Created a new attribute set '[attribute_set]'
Original file image does not exist
Was not able to import image file

Products Export


Field Name Comments
const.value Constant Constant Use to show constant value in all rows
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